Analog Spark is a new audiophile imprint that is focused on the reissue of classic and acclaimed albums on 180-gram vinyl and SACD. We are using the best available sources, mastering engineers and pressing plants to ensure that our releases are of the highest quality. By doing this, we hope to build a lasting relationship and dialogue with our audience -- so that each time they purchase an Analog Spark release, they will have musical curation and quality that they can trust.

Our repertoire will stretch across eras and musical genres and hopefully bring light to artists and albums that have been overlooked thus far. As more and more new listeners discover and value well-mastered vinyl and SACDs, there is an increasing demand for titles that are either out of print or unreleased on these formats. We hope to provide our listeners with the best sounding releases of these titles and also remain faithful to the artist’s intent.

We encourage our listeners to follow us on social media and tell us what YOU think the next Analog Spark release should be!