$ 30.00


Limited edition 50th anniversary reissue of Steve Reich's first album for Columbia Masterworks 

Cut from the original analog tapes by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound

180-gram LP plated and pressed at RTI

Housed in a Stoughton old style tip-on jacket with watercolor cover by William T. Wiley

Never before reissued in any format - unavailable since it's original release in 1968

"Where it all began, when Reich was playing around with a tape loop of a revivalist preacher shouting “It’s gonna rain!”, playing it back simultaneously on two machines, one running slightly faster than the other. As the two tapes moved out of phase, and eventually back together again, he noticed the teasingly ambiguous range of rhythmic and tonal effects created. It became the basis of a tape piece, and phasing was born." - The Guardian UK

Steve Reich, born in 1936, is an American composer credited as on of the pioneers of minimal music, alongside contemporaries such as Philip Glass and La Monte Young. His innovations in exploring musical concepts have been a significant influence on contemporary music. Live/Electric Music, originally released on Columbia Records in 1968, is made up of two compositions – “Violin Phase,” composed in New York in October of 1967, and “It’s Gonna Rain,” composed in San Francisco in January of 1965. “Violin Phase,” found on Side A of the album, features violinist Paul Zukofsky. “It’s Gonna Rain,” found on Side B, is Reich's first tape piece and foundation of what he would build upon in future compositions.


Side A

  1. Violin Phase

Side B

  1. It's Gonna Rain

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